Tuesday, July 07, 2015
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Prayer Times

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Sri Lanka Prayer Times
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  • The good and desired actions (specified) for Ramadhaan
    Question: What are the good and desired actions (specified) for the blessed month of Ramadhaan? Response: The good and desired actions (specified) for Ramadhaan are many, amongst them (are): Taking care in performing that which Allaah has made obligatory in Ramadhaan and (the) other (months) from the salaah (prayer) and the fasting. After that, increasing in the supererogatory (actions) from: · reading the Qur.aan; · (performance of) the taraaweeh prayer; · (performance of) the tahajjud (night) prayer; · giving charity; · i'tikaaf (seclusion in the masjid to worship Allaah); · increasing in (the) remembrance (of Allaah); · reciting subhaan-Allaah (glory be to Allaah), laa-ilaaha ill-Allaah (there is none truly worthy of worship except Allaah), Allaahu Akbar (Allaah is the Greatest); · sitting in the masjid for...
  • Don’t Stop Being Kind: The Small Things Are Greater than You Think
      Photo Credit: Flickr[dot]com/photos/hoffnungsschimmer/ “You’ve become a doormat, Lilly! You let people walk all over you, drain you and use you! And because you have the memory of a tiny goldfish, you never know when enough is really ENOUGH! Think of yourself and stop being such a pushover!”

    Oops, I’m sorry you had to hear that! Don’t mind my friend, she’s been a little cranky lately. Believe me, that kind of anger usually stems from an insane amount of pain. Sometimes when people repeatedly get hurt by their loved ones, they end up shielding their hearts, terrified of getting hurt again, and refuse to submit to their compassionate natures. Slowly they become numb. They convince themselves that ‘strength’ is synonymous with ‘not caring’, when in fact it’s the exact opposite. A wise man once...
  • 7 Tips to Maximize the Impact of Your Zakat
      Photo Credits: flickr[dot]com/photos/venelova/ Zakat is an obligation, a pillar of Islam, and an effective system of providing spiritual, social and economic benefits within a community. But when we pay zakat, do we feel the true extent of its power? Do we relate to it in the same way that we relate to prayer, fasting and hajj?
    Arguably, when we do pay our zakat, we don’t quite appreciate the magnitude of what we are doing or give it sufficient thought and attention.
    Here are some tips to help you make the most of your zakat this year and in years to come In sha Allah:
    1. Remember: zakat is for your own self! We often only think of zakat in terms of its benefit for others. But don’t forget about  Read More...
  • බොදු බල සේනාව නයා ලකුණින් මැතිවරණයට
    භික්ෂූන් වහන්සේ මැතිවරණයකට තරඟ නොකළ යුතුය යන ස්ථාවරය තුළ සිටියත් බොහෝ දෙනාගේ ඉල්ලීම මත එය නැවත සලකා බලමින් සිටින බව බොදු බල සේනාවේ මහ ලේකම් ගලගොඩ අත්තේ ඥානසාර හිමි පවසති. උන් වහන්සේ ඒ බව කියා සිටියේ නයා ලකුණින් මැතිවරණයට ඉදිරිපත් වීම සඳහා බොදු ජන පෙරමුණ නමින් පිහිටුවා ගත් නව දේශපාලන පක්ෂය ගැන බීබීසීයට පැහැදිලි කරමින්. සිංහල...
  • No plans to come back into power: CBK
    Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga today said she had no intentions to come back into power or grab power.

  • BBS to contest election as BJP under Cobra symbol?
    2015-06-29 13:37:13
    The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) would contest the upcoming general elections under the name Bodu Jana Peramuna (BJP), BJP Leader and BBS General Secretary Ven. Galagodaatte Gnanasara Thera said today. He said the BBS would remain as it is but for upcoming elections it would affiliate itself with the Eksath Maha Sabha Pakshaya (EMSP) which is a registered political party. The EMSP would in future be called the Bodu Jana Peramuna or the BJP with a new symbol and new officials. The Thera told the Daily Mirror that new officials have been appointed to the BJP and was waiting the Elections Commissioner’s approval for its Cobra symbol. “We have requested the Elections Commissioner to reserve the Cobra symbol for our newly formed party and looking forward to his approval,” he said. He said the Elections Commissioner had...
  • ජනපති අගමැති ඉෆ්තාර් උත්සවයට එක්වෙති
    2015 ජූනි මස 29 20:45:21 | . , රංජන් කස්තුරි, ඡායාරූප - ගයාන් අමරසේකර   ඉස්ලාම් භක්තිකයන්ගේ දිවි පැවැත්ම යහපත් කරගැනීමට රාමසාන් උපවාසයෙන් මහත් පිටිවහලක් වන බව ජනපති මෛත්‍රිපාල සිරිසේන මහතා අද අරලියගහ මන්දිරයේදී ඉෆ්තාර් උත්සවය වෙනුවෙන් මුස්ලිම් බැතිමතුන් වෙනුවෙන් අගමැතිවරයා සංවිධානය කළ උත්සවයකට එක්වෙමින් පැවසීය. අගමැති රනිල් වික්‍රමසිංහ,...
  • Let us make use of the Holy Month of Ramadhaan in the Best Manner
    Published on 18.06.2015 Hijiri date 29.08.1436 Allahu Ta’ala has elevated the month of Ramadhaan by revealing the holy Quran in this month. This is a month of of Dua and patience. As Muslims we should be eager to do our Ibaadath with anxiety and calmness under the guidance of the Ulama. We should make much more Dua for our needs and the welfare of the Ummah, especially for the unity and coexistence in the country. The following are some important guidelines to be followed during the month of Ramadhaan: Avoiding the wastage of time, by giving lot of attention to Ibaadath and by indulging in the night worships. Al Quran was revealed in this holy month, and therefore, it should be recited as much as possible, making efforts to understand and practice it in life. In the subjects of differences in opinion, follow the guidelines given...
  • Virtues of Fasting as Mentioned in the Qur'an and Sunnah
    The Reward for Fasting is Immense "Every action of the son of Adam is given manifold reward, each good deed receiving ten times its like, up to seven hundred times. Allah the Most High said,'Except for fasting, for it is for Me and I will give recompense for it, he leaves off his desires and his food for Me.' For the fasting person there are two times of joy; a time when he breaks his fast and a time of joy when he meets his Lord, and the smell coming from the mouth of the fasting person is better with Allah than the smell of musk." (Al-Bukhari) Also, Sahl ibn Sa'ad reported that the Prophet, upon whom be peace, said: "Indeed there is a gate of Paradise called ar-Rayyan. On the day of Resurrection those who fast will enter through it; no one enters it except for them, and when they have entered, it is closed so that no one enters it, so...
  • First anniversary of senseless carnage on Aluthgama, Beruwala and Dharga Town Muslims Election of President Maithripala Sirisena averted an Aluthgama type attack on Muslims to mark the anniversary of 1915-Sinhala Muslim riots?
        By Latheef Farook Today, Monday June 15, marks the first anniversary of the unwanted and senseless racist pogrom on innocent and helpless Muslims at Aluthgama, Dharga Town and Beruwala which ended up in the political funeral of the Rajapaksa brothers who were accused of being behind these calculated atrocities. Killing of Muslims, looting of their belongings and the destruction of their properties were meticulously planned and executed to military precision in all these three places. However, the island’s mainstream media, increasingly under Sinhala racist influence and the anti Muslim Israeli lobby, observed a news blackout and tried to cover up the shameful carnage. The local media only woke up to the reality after seeing the wide coverage to the mayhem in the international media. Realizing the adverse publicity and the growing...
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