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Ash Sheikh S.H.M. Faleel (Naleemi)

Born in the village of Nachchaduwa in Anuradhapura, Shahul Hameed Mohamed Faleel completed his Licentiate Certificate Examination in Islamic Studies & Arabic Language at Jamiah Naleemiah, Beruwala, Sri Lanka in 1987. In the same year(1987), Sheikh Mohamed Faleel became Bachelor of Arts in the University of Peradeniya and later in year 2000 he became the Master of Arts.

He also became the Master of Philosophy (M.phil. Reading) in Peradeniya University by writing the Thesis: “Concept of Tolerance and Coexistence in Islam and its application in a pluralistic society with special reference to Sri Lanka”. Sheik Mohamed Faleel accomplished the Diploma in Teaching Arabic for non Arabs at King Saud University of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1996.

He is an experienced Writer and a Researcher. He was a regular artist in SLBC Muslim Service and television channels SLRC Eye Channel, ITN and WasantamTV.He also has experienced being a Resource Person, Ministry of Education and National Institute of Education (NIE). He is working in Jamiah Naleemiah, Beruwala as the Person in Charge of Academic Affairs and Senior Lecturer at Jamiah Naleemiah for the past 24 years. He is interested in the fields of Religion & Culture, Multi Ethnic Issues and Education More information about Ash Sheikh Mohamed Faleel is available at his personal website: http://www.sheikhshmfaleel.lk

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