Saturday, August 30, 2014
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  • ‘Muslim Extremism’ Sri Lankan Muslims at the crossroads – 14
    August 29, 2014, 7:03 pm Muslims displaying the victory symbol during an anti-Israel and anti-U.S. demonstration after Friday prayers in Colombo recently. (File Photo)
    by Izeth Hussain
    I will now make some observations on the external dimension of Muslim extremism, perceptions of which among non-Muslim Sri Lankans tend to impact negatively, very negatively indeed, on the local Muslims. Islam tends to be seen as a religion that encourages fanaticism, violence, and aggression, which has led to the notion that Islam was spread by the sword. That is supposed to be the process...
  • හන්දිගානේ කෑ ගහලා ආගම රකින්න බෑ
    August 27, 2014 at 5:41 pm | lanka C news පාරේ හන්දිගානේ කෑ ගහළා, පෙළපාලී ගිහින්, උද්ඝෝෂණ කරලා, ගහ බැණගෙන, කළකෝළහාල කරගෙන ආගම් පිළිබඳ හැගීම් ජනතාව තුළ ඇති කළ නොහැකි යැයි අධ්‍යාපන සේවා අමාත්‍ය දුමින්ද දිසානායක මහතා පැවසීය. අමාත්‍යවරයා මේ බව ප්‍රකාශ කර සිටියේ අනුරාධපුර ශ්‍රාවස්තිපුර ශ්‍රී ස්වර්ණ ජයන්ති විහාරස්ථානයේ ඉදි කිරීමට යෝජිත චෛත්‍ය රාජයාණන්...
  • European Court of Human Rights judgment on French laws banning the niqab and burqa
    Lena Mohamed looks at the June 2014 judgment in the ECtHR over the French ban on face veils. Background to the legislation The Act of Parliament prohibiting individuals from concealing their faces in public was enacted by the French Senate in September 2010 following a virulent anti-Muslim campaign by the government, initiated by the then President, Nicholas Sarkozy, in his controversial 2009 speech. In the wake of the 2008 global economic crash and the general decline in the President’s popularity, the need for a scapegoat and a distraction became...
  • ජාතික ෂූරා සභා මහා සභා රැස්වීමෙහි ඒකමතිකව සම්මත වූ තීරණ
    ​ 20-08-2014
    ​2014 අගෝස්තු 17 වැනි දින ජාතික ෂූරා සභාවේ සභාපති තාරික් මහුමූද් මුලසුන දැරූ එකී සංවිධානයේ මහා රැස්වීමෙහි ඒකමතිකව සම්මත කර ගන්නා ලද තීරණ ජාතික මට්ටමේ මුස්ලිම් සංවිධානවල සාමාජිකයන් සහ විවිධ ක්ෂේත්‍රවල මුස්ලිම් විද්වතුන්ගේ එකමුතුවක් වන ජාතික ෂූරා සභාවේ මහා රැස්වීම පසුගිය 2014 අගෝස්තු 17 වැනි දින පවත්වන...
  • Hajj tour operators meet BBS
    Hajj tour operators meet BBS
    by: Faizer Shaheid

    Disgruntled Hajj tour operators on Wednesday (20) met members of the Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS) to air their grievances over the Haj Pilgrimage quotas allocated to them by the HaJj Committee headed by Senior Minister A.H.M. Fowzie.

    A group of 10 Hajj operators had filed a case in the Supreme Court citing that disproportionate quotas were being distributed among Hajj operators. According to M.M. Mohamed, President of one of the Hajj Operator...
  • Islamic terrorism threat to SL : Gotabaya
    FRIDAY, 22 AUGUST 2014 10:30 In a paper published in the latest issue of the US Defence Department’s journal “Prism”, Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, has reiterated his belief that Islamic terrorism poses a threat to Sri Lanka.

    Since the LTTE’s defeat, some of the Muslim groups in Lanka have begun to engage in activities that go “far beyond self-protection”, he said in the journal brought out by the Center for Complex Operations (CCO).

  • බොදුබල සේනාවට කරන්න පුළුවන් ඉටිගෙඩියක්‌ නෑ
    August 22, 2014 at 12:01 am | lanka C news මේ රටේ සිංහල, දෙමළ හා මුස්‌ලිම් ජන වර්ග අතර ගැටුම් ඇතිකොට ආණ්‌ඩුවේ සුළු ජන ඡන්ද පදනම බිඳ දමා ආණ්‌ඩුවත් ජනාධිපතිවරයාත් විනාශ කිරීම සඳහා විශාල කුමන්ත්‍රණයක්‌ ක්‍රියාත්මක වන බව පැහැදිලි යෑයි ධීවර හා ජලජ සම්පත් අමාත්‍ය දොස්‌තර රාජිත සේනාරත්න මහතා පවසයි. ඇමැතිවරයා මේ බව ප්‍රකාශ කළේ සාකච්ඡාවකට එක්‌වෙමිනි. එහිදී...
  • The more evils will open up before them
    The more evils will open up before them
    "The more people increase in comfort and luxury and the more they open up before the people , the more evils will open up before them. It is comfort and luxury that destroys a person. Because if a person was to concern himself with comfort and luxury and providing enjoyment to his body, he will become negligent of providing enjoyment to his heart, and his greatest worry will become providing enjoyment to this body that is doomed to become worms and rotten.

    This is the ordeal, and this is what has harmed people today. You can hardly find anyone except that they say: "What is our palace? What is our car? What is our furniture? What is our food?" Even those who study knowledge, some of them only study in order to gain rank or status to reach the blessings of the Dunya. As if man was...
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Gaza Crisis

  • Indecisive end to Gaza conflict
    By Kevin ConnollyBBC News, Jerusalem Fifty days of fierce fighting left more than 2,200 people dead, most of them Palestinians Mid-East crisis Crippled infrastructure Read More...
  • Life returns to Gaza as truce holds
    Both sides claim the indefinite truce as a "victory", but Netanyahu faces criticism in Israel over the offensive. Last updated: 27 Aug 2014 16:02   An open-ended ceasefire in the Gaza war was holding as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faced strong criticism in Israel over a costly conflict with Palestinian fighters in which no clear victor emerged. On the streets of the battered, Hamas-run Palestinian enclave, people headed to shops and banks, trying to resume the normal pace of life after seven weeks of fighting. Thousands of others, who had fled the battles and sheltered with relatives or in schools, returned home, where some found only rubble, Reuters news agency reported. Al Jazeera's Andrew Simmons, reporting from Gaza, said people were now trying to work out what to do next. "The United Nations estimates that if restrictions remain in place the way they have been, it will...
  • Palestinian joy as Israel agrees Gaza truce
    Hamas and Israel agree long-term deal which will ease Israeli blockade of enclave after talks brokered by Egypt. Thousands of Palestinians are celebrating in Gaza after Israel and Palestinian groups agreed an open-ended ceasefire to end seven weeks of fighting in Gaza. The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, said on Tuesday from the occupied West Bank that a formula had been accepted by all parties and that a ceasefire had gone into effect at 1600 GMT. He hailed the agreement as a chance to "build a new nation and end the occupation", before thanking Egypt, Qatar and the US for their roles in brokering the agreement made during indirect talks in Cairo. The Reuters and AP news agencies quoted Israeli officials as saying that the Israeli government had accepted the deal. Israeli media reported the same. Hamas's exiled deputy leader, Moussa Abu Marzouk, said the agreement was a "victory for the resistance". Crowds took to the bombed-out streets of Gaza to celebrate the end of hostilities....
  • Mourning Gaza
    Who and how will mourn and honour the slaughter of Palestinians in Gaza? Last updated: 23 Aug 2014 12:34
    Hamid Dabashi is the Hagop Kevorkian Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. In Peter Paul Rubens' "Massacre of the Innocents" (1636-1638), we see a European artist's rendition of the Biblical story of infanticide by Herod the Great, the Roman-appointed King of Palestine as recorded in the Gospel of Matthew. Rubens was not the first artist, or the last, to depict this key narrative in the history of Christianity. In each...
  • Israel strikes Gaza targets after rocket fire
    Israel hits "terrorism targets" in Gaza and ends truce talks after three rockets land in Israel, violating ceasefire.   More than 2,000 people have been killed in the latest Gaza war [Reuters] Israel has launched air strikes on "terrorism targets" in Gaza and recalled negotiators from Cairo after three rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, as efforts to agree a permanent ceasefire appeared to unravel. The Israeli military said that rockets landed in open areas near the town of Beersheeva. Sources told Al Jazeera that they were fired from nearby Shujayea. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, ordered his army to attack targets in Gaza, and recalled from Cairo negotiators who were involved in indirect talks with Palestinians on a permanent ceasefire. "In response to Hamas's violation of the truce, the prime minister and defence minister have ordered the IDF...
  • Palestinians and Israel agree Gaza ceasefire
    Israeli officials have agreed to a deal negotiated by Palestinians in Cairo for a new 72-hour ceasefire in Gaza following mediation by Egypt. Egypt said it had received "simultaneous consensus" from both sides for the truce which will begin at 21:00 GMT on Sunday. Israel will send negotiators to the Egyptian capital on Monday if the truce holds. The Egyptian foreign ministry called for the immediate ceasefire "given the necessity to protect innocent blood." It called on both sides to use the lull to "reach a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire." A previous 72-hour ceasefire brokered by Cairo ended on Friday morning, with the conflict resuming between Israel and Hamas, who run the Gaza Strip. Israel withdrew from truce negotiations in Cairo on Friday, soon after the previous ceasefire ended in a firestorm of violence. As of Sunday afternoon, the death toll in Gaza had reached 1,939. According to the UN, about 73 percent of the people killed were civilians. A total of 64...
  • Hamas says no Gaza truce extension agreed
    Israel reportedly offers unconditional ceasefire renewal but Hamas says no deal can be reached unless demands met. A leader of the Palestinian group Hamas has said there will not be a renewal of the Gaza ceasefire that ends on Friday unless Israel meets some of its demands. Ismael Radwan told Al Jazeera: “The truce will not be renewed; it cannot be renewed without real achievements. As we speak, no response has been received to Hamas’s demands, which means there is no breakthrough in this respect.” A 72-hour deal brokered by Egypt took effect on Tuesday, bringing relief to residents in the Gaza Strip after four weeks of fighting and heavy bombardment. Israeli media has reported that Israel was offering to extend the ceasefire for another 72 hours unconditionally. Al Jazeera's Nicole Johnston, reporting from Jerusalem, said there were also reports in Egyptian media that the truce could be extended but few details were coming out of Cairo on any progress made with...
  • Netanyahu: Israel will 'continue to act in full scale' against Hamas
    By Laura Smith-Spark, Mariano Castillo and Salma Abdelaziz, CNN August 2, 2014 -- Updated 1944 GMT (0344 HKT) Gaza City (CNN) -- The bloodshed in Gaza showed no sign of letting up Saturday, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowing to "continue to act in full scale" against Hamas until all militant tunnels are destroyed. In the past day, 50 Palestinians have breen reported killed amid renewed Israeli shelling that followed accusations that Palestinian militants captured an Israeli soldier. The fate of the soldier, identified by the Israel Defense Forces as 2nd Lt. Hadar Goldin, remains unclear. Netanyahu told reporters in Tel Aviv Saturday that Israeli troops "managed to hurt severely" the capability of Hamas during the Gaza operation. "Israel will do everything to bring our kidnapped soldier home," he said, offering his condolences to the families of Israeli soldiers killed during the incursion. Netanyahu said Israeli forces will "continue to act in full scale"...
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